12 Best AI Chatbot Platforms & Builders 2023

The best 22 AI chatbots; ChatGPT and alternatives

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With a myriad of chatbot platforms out there, choosing the right conversational AI chatbot platform to build the best chatbot can leave you reeling. After all, you’ve got to wrap your head around not only chatbot apps or builders but also social messaging platforms, chatbot analytics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Machine Learning (ML). This no-code chatbot platform helps you with qualified lead generation by deploying a bot, asking questions, and automatically passing the lead to the sales team for a follow-up.

The capabilities of a smart AI chatbot are nearly endless for business. It can collect information, engage fan pages and website visitors 24/7 with no hold time, qualify leads, or even close sale deals. But what distinguishes Artificial Intelligence chatbots from regular chatbots is that it is able to learn and automatically resolve similar problems based on users’ data patterns without any form of training. AI-powered chatbots provide a more human-like experience, are capable of carrying on natural conversation, and continuously improve over time. REVE Chat is a leading chatbot platform that offers a range of customer communication tools.


Alternatively, Claude Pro uses the newly released Claude 2 language model. Claude 2 is known for its ability to take in and understand very large amounts of text, up to 75,000 words at once — for example, it is able to summarize entire novels in just a few seconds. These principles are provided by the human creators of the chatbot, and are intended to reflect the ethical and social norms of the intended users. Amanda is a chatbot marketing expert and marketing consultant with a knack for capturing personal stories that make a powerful impact. She has developed the ability to create meaningful content while working for high-growth platforms such as HeroBot and the agility to adapt to different teams and tasks as a freelancer. HR has a sole role in keeping HR relations with its employees and customers.

You can use the mobile invitations to create mobile-specific rules, customize design, and features. The chatbot platform comes with an SDK tool to put chats https://www.metadialog.com/ on iOS and Android apps. ManyChat is a cloud-based chatbot solution for chat marketing campaigns through social media platforms and text messaging.

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Forethought – powered by SupportGPT™ – is a leading generative AI company providing customer service automation, including chatbots, that allows support teams to maximise efficiency and ROI. Zowie pulls information from several data points like historical conversations, knowledge bases, FAQ pages and ongoing conversations. This solution is especially popular among e-commerce companies offering a range of products, including cosmetics, apparel, consumer goods, clothing and more. Zendesk’s unique approach to Al revolutionises customer experience solutions by delivering intelligent responses to customer enquiries thanks to its ease of use and deep expertise in customer service. Combining the industry-leading capabilities of the Zendesk Suite with the power of OpenAl helps businesses deliver a more intelligent customer experience whilst saving both time and money.

smart chatbot

The analysis of attitudinal variables showed that most participants reported their preference for discussing their health with doctors (73%) and having access to reliable and accurate health information (93%). While 80% were curious about new technologies that could improve their smart chatbot health, 66% reported only seeking a doctor when experiencing a health problem and 65% thought that a chatbot was a good idea. Therefore, perceived trustworthiness, individual attitudes towards bots, and dislike for talking to computers are the main barriers to health chatbots.

Deep learning capabilities allow AI chatbots to become more accurate over time, which in turns allows humans to interact with AI chatbots in a more natural, free-flowing way without being misunderstood. AI-enabled smart chatbots are designed to simulate near-human interactions with customers. They can have free-flowing conversations and understand intent, language, and sentiment. These chatbots require programming to help it understand the context of interactions.

smart chatbot

This is an open-source AI chatbot developed by Google that can be integrated with multiple channels, such as websites, Android and iOS mobile applications, and Facebook Messenger. The visual builder lets you see the changes in real time and speeds up the development process. Jasper uses natural language processing (NLP) for its responses and checks the texts for grammar as well as plagiarism. This software can also summarize provided texts and suggest follow-up articles on similar topics.

ProProfs prioritizes ease of use over advanced functionality, so while it’s simple to create chatbots with no code, more advanced features and sophisticated workflows may be out of reach. Solvemate smart chatbot is context-aware by channel and individual users, so it can handle highly personalized requests. You can also offer a multilingual service experience by creating bots of any language.

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According to insidesales.com, reduction in response times is one of the most significant factors in boosting conversions. Moreover, chatbots will never catch any illnesses and doesn’t have the need to take a leave, therefore making it an efficient worker. Moreover, this entirely made automation needs training too, as ordinary people do. For example, a newly-hired secretary is asked to respond to an important business email. Therefore, they will use their past experiences in the previous companies they worked with.


You can also store chats on the left-hand side of the screen and jump between them or share a particularly interesting conversation with others. You can add your online AI bot to your website, CRM, or to send SMS messages. Most chatbots are text-based, but some vendors offer voice recognition, so you can serve clients through recorded messages.


Subscription-related tasks originally accounted for 20% of Dollar Shave Club’s support requests but with AI, the company was able to save time and provide a better customer experience. Fin is Intercom’s latest AI chatbot and users can now join the waiting list. The programme was built using ChatGPT with customer service teams in mind. Thankful is an AI-driven customer service solution for e-commerce businesses. Through routing, agent assistance and translation, the software can fully resolve high volumes of customer queries across channels, giving customers the freedom to choose how they want to engage.


You can also publish it on messaging channels, such as LINE, Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram. So, you can add it to your preferred portal to communicate with clients effectively. Genesys DX comes with a dynamic search bar, resource management, knowledge base, and smart routing. This can help you use it to its full potential when making, deploying, and utilizing the bot. Contrary to popular belief, AI chatbot technology doesn’t only help big brands.

smart chatbot

Since chatbots never sleep, they can support your customers when your agents are off the clock – over the weekend, late at night or on holidays. And as customers’ e-commerce habits fluctuate heavily based on seasonal trends, chatbots can mitigate the need for companies to bring on seasonal workers to deal with high ticket volumes. A chatbot can enable customers to use a help centre and find knowledge base articles tailored to their needs.

smart chatbot

Plus, it comes with goals-based templated conversation flows and canned responses. Smart chatbots are excellent alternatives of information provider and dissemination. Thus, this chatbot system provides users to have conversational communicate.

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”—the virtual agent can not only predict tomorrow’s rain, but also offer to set an earlier alarm to account for rain delays in the morning commute. The terms chatbot, AI chatbot and virtual agent are often used interchangeably, which can cause confusion. While the technologies these terms refer to are closely related, subtle distinctions yield important differences in their respective capabilities. Just simply go to the website or mobile app and type your query into the search bar, then click the blue button. From there, Perplexity will generate an answer, as well as a short list of related topics to read about. In order to curate the list of best AI chatbots and AI writers, I looked at the capabilities of each individual program including the individual uses each program would excel at.

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The cloud code and managed database come with every bot and allow you to customise your bot and delight customers. ChatGPT went viral in 2022, blowing users away with its conversational capabilities and capacity to understand the context of messages. But it’s important to note that ChatGPT is far from an out-of-the-box solution if you’re hoping to use it for sales or customer support. An AI chatbot’s ability to understand and respond to user needs is a key factor when assessing its intelligence and Zendesk bots deliver on all fronts. Some work out of the box while others are burgeoning and will likely have improved capabilities before long.

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